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About ExpressSense

In my 25yrs working in the electronics industry, I have witnessed numerous manufacturing upsets including yield variation, loss of processes control, inconsistent product performance/reliability, and failing equipment. Large manufacturers leverage sensor systems, data analysis, and continuous measurement in an effort to detect, respond, and control the impact of such issues. However, the sensing hardware and software solutions developed for large entities are expensive and complicated, making them unsuitable for many small and mid-sized manufacturers. The majority of the process variables and equipment at these small organizations then go unmonitored. When unmeasured, processes conditions vary and equipment wears-out and/or breaks unexpectedly, leading to unforeseen downtime, reduced yield, missed shipments, rising costs, and altered product characteristics.

In 2016 we formed ExpressSense and set out to develop a new type of sensor system. A low cost and simple to install system that could deliver the measurements small and mid-sized manufactures need to monitor their operations and be competitive. The result is MINX, a plug&play, web-configured sensor system, wherein a single unit contains all the sensors, hardware, and software needed for the most common process control and preventive maintenance solutions. MINX, designed and assembled in the USA, easily delivers a positive ROI and doesn't require any of the specialized training necessary to implement traditional solutions.

We are here to help. Please contact us today to discuss your measurement and data needs.

-James Dallas, ExpressSense Founder and President
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