Equipment/Process Down Time Cost Calculator

Consider a troublesome piece of equipment, or a case human error on some process. How many days did failures occur in the last 12 months? Now estimate the percentage impact of the failure on total daily production output:

failure days; % reduction in daily production output. The equivalent lost production time: hours.

For each million dollars in annual revenue, a one-shift factory operating 260 days/year, produces goods at an average rate of $3800/day. Taking your factory's annual revenue, use the below chart to find the financial loss due to the above equipment/process's down time:

Revenue Loss Due To Downtime

Factory Annual Revenue ($M)
Revenue Loss($)
$2.5M $14,423

Imagine the savings if this equipment/process failure had been detected early or even before it brought your line down!

What if your team could install a device for under $1000 in just 30 minutes to remotely monitor each of your critical equiment/processes? Each installation would pay for itself if it saved even a single production hour! And every hour saved after that flows right to your bottom line....

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